v1.3 - Crash fixes & Freeze on MacOS

Hello! Yet another update fixing a number of crashes, and a freeze on MacOS.


  • Fixed a freeze after the tutorial on MacOS. (not sure what caused this, but exporting again seems to have solved it!)
  • Fixed a crash when putting snow  that is disappearing into the inventory.
  • Fixed an unknown crash that has to do with an inventory item that can't be found anymore. (hopefully)
  • Fixed a crash when an object somehow doesn't have a planet, isn't orbiting anything and is not in the inventory.
  • You can now also drag snow onto something to water it, instead of only the other way around.

Thanks again for all the reports, and sorry if the game crashed for you!

- rub


Heliopedia.app.zip 238 MB
Oct 02, 2021
heliopedia.exe 213 MB
Oct 04, 2021

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