v1.2 - Bug Fixes

Just uploaded a new build (version 1.2) for both Windows and MacOS. Make sure to download the new version before you play: your savefile will carry over.


  • Fixed a crash when throwing a stone into the sun.
  • Fixed a crash when pausing while having a giraffe in space.
  • Fixed a crash in the "is_object" script (couldn't reproduce but added a check)
  • Redesigned the pasue-mechanic to work better (now unpauses when you drag something)
  • Redesigned the zoomed-out quit button, it now goes to the main menu (as does pressing Escape)
  • Made sure some critters don't get flung into space anymore when they spawn

Thanks for playing and reporting bugs!

- rub


Heliopedia.app.zip 238 MB
Oct 02, 2021
heliopedia.exe 213 MB
Oct 02, 2021

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