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Frog's Adventure is a point-and-click game about a frog who gets given a brain! Chase after a mischievous fairy, and get it to turn you into a regular frog again.

On your adventure, you'll meet many different animals who share the same fate... Can you lift the curse, and make everyone their true selves again?

  • Unique, hand-drawn world ✏️
  • Play entirely with the mouse 🖱️
  • 20+ items to find 🍃
  • 10+ quirky characters to meet 🐌
  • 3 unique abilities to unlock 💡
  • About 1-2 hours of play time ⏱️
  • Original soundtrack 🎸🎵

Purchase includes a Steam key.


Get this game and 101 more for $199.99 USD
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Frog's Adventure 1.4 Windows 116 MB
Frog's Adventure 1.3 Mac 126 MB

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can't wait to play it in spanish!! if there's something I can do I would gladly to help

this is soooo gooood!

Absolutely loved my time with Frog's Adventure, one of my favorite gaming experiences of the year. So cute, so polished, an absolute steal at $5.

For anyone else having the same issue - just install DirectX from Microsoft.

So, I was looking forward to playing this game, but I get this error when starting it:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: sh_perspective

D3DXCompile failed - result


Tu a  raison

An utterly splendid game that took me around an hour and a half to finish. Full of charm and sweetness, the music particularly shone.

This game looks so cute!

Love this art style. You totally nailed it. Well done!!!

What an INCREDIBLY comfy experience! The world you all created is beautiful and so fun to explore! I love this art style so much. Can't wait to check out your other games now! 

Are you like a traveling frog? !


WOW! YOU ARE VERY POPULAR!!! can you give me tips how to start with itch? i have 1.4 years experience with gamedev


My rating: 9.7/10 (very high for me, as I am usually a pessimist) -0.3 points because there could have been more depth to a mechanic (which I don't want to spoil).

I have watched almost every Sokpop game trailer because I love the visuals and music, however, I don't buy the game because I am cheap. However, I decided to give this one a go and I was completely blown away. 

This was probably the most refreshing game I have played in a year. Even with it being targeted to a different audience than most video games are (as it is very beginner friendly), it is still enticing and the exploration, art, and puzzles were well put together. The art is what takes the cake for this game though. Even though the hand drawn style could be replicated digitally, the fact that Rubna (the specific member of Sokpop who made this game) hand drew on paper is such a beautiful touch. It really adds to the amazing aesthetic this game has and it is greatly in tune with the story itself as it revolves around human traits.

The only other Sokpop game I have played is Tuin - which I ended up really liking as well - and I noticed that some of the mechanics and SFX were taken from it, and even though some may see it as lazy, I absolutely love it as it makes each Sokpop game feel like part of one great artistically-unique universe. 

Thank you so much Sokpop and Rubna!


I can't buy games at itch.io because I only pay for games with Paysafecard. Also, I don't know if the game would work for me since I use Linux: a demo version would be useful. But since I'm currently dealing with the question of how many colors you really need for a good computer game, I would like to know from you how many colors you used when creating this game. I would be grateful for an answer. By the way: I believe by now that no computer game needs more than 256 colors, but nobody understands what could change that. At the moment I am working on the best 30 color palette that has ever existed.

How is this game sooo popular! Saw it everywhere


I would get the game but i'm poor af TwT


can i get a free copy i am 11 years old and my parents don't let me buy games and it looks very cool and interesting


step one: pirate the game

step two: play it

step three: think about what you did 

step four: cry over the guilt 

step five: 

step six: you're finished!


btw ligma studio you know that piarcy is a crime and it could lead me to jail for 10 years and i could also get a scary anti piracy screen and i do not want to see these cute frogs with scary faces lol


We will not send any lawyers after you if you pirate our game, so you probably won't go to jail, but just be careful that you don't accidentally download any malicious software when trying to pirate! I don't think anyone's put this game up for free yet since it's so small, though... Sorry you can't afford it! 

Best of luck, 

- Ruben

kindest man alive

thanks for the offer but even if i could i do not know how to pirate games also even if you don not call lawyers the police/goverment is going to find out with some unbelieving  way 

ex spying

lmfao kindest man in the world

i was joking lil bro


not how life works


bro its not my fault its my parents


Where there's a will, there's a way. Best of luck to you Aayan.


how do you know my name and life is not fair for me


its literally in your username lol

tell em

btw i am 12 now



will there be a android version?

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 beautiful game! my kids love it. steam cloud saves wen?


My friend and I had an awesome time playing this incredible cute and cozy adventure while figuring out all the little puzzles.

The art is just beautiful and transports you back to younger more lighthearted days and reminds you of your own drawings, forgotten long time ago.

The sound design is on point and especially the NPC dialog voices are a gem - we were laughing more than once and felt a special connection to the fish shop owner because if it. xD

Controls feel really easygoing and modern. A good example for how controls for an adventure can feel way smoother compared to a lot of other games in the genre.

Gameplay and puzzles are nice, growing your group and therefore skills just feels rewarding and fun. Highlight - setting "sail" with the duck and crocodile.

TLDR; A cozy very well done adventure game full of love which gives you the full childhood nostalgia hit you never had but always wanted. Totally worth the price.


Maybe we are just blind, but we never could finish the game. We found 4/5 sing stones and got the old key. The old grandpa tells us we should go where it all started. We went to the pond and to every other corner of the map. We just can't figure out where the key needs to go and we can't figure out how to get into the small tree tunnels... Help please?! Any hint? Or is it a bug? (Mac 1.2 Version)

I'm stuck at exactly the same point!! Have you found out where to use the old key yet?

(1 edit)

Nope couldn't finish the game yet - still hoping for the devs to respond. Have you maybe figured out how to get into the small wooden tunnels next to the starting area exit? Still don't know that either.

I assume it has something to do with the flies and the normal frogs next to the pond. But nothing I tried worked.


I finally figured it out. I got a bug while one of the music notes (on the tree stump) wasn't there the first time. I started the game over last night then everything went well and finished the game. Maybe you should try restarting it also! Turns out we don't need to pass the wooden tunnel nor use the old key to get all five notes.

Thanks a lot for the tipp! I can't remember a music note on a tree trunk so that might be the case for me, too.

Update: Damn, it really was the same bug. The green sing stone on the tree trunk just wasn't there before restarting the game. Thanks again! I now finished the game and even figured out how to use the old key and what the small wooden tunnel is for. :) Finally able to finish the game.

Awesome I'm glad you made it too!! :D I may address this with the developer and hopefully they will fix this. 


Where can I find the soundtrack for this game?!! It is too gooood.

I love the graphics


wow ... it plays awesomely, huge congrats to dev! 


this looks amazing


is this sneaky Sasquatch inspired?


Oh cool! I considered doing a hand drawn p+c game myself so this certainly appeals to me. :3

Such adorable artwork, especially the main frog x)


is this game created by gamemaker studio ?


Have both platforms but will look forward to Mac build!  Cute game!

Looks amazing! Will wait for the Mac build too :)


Just added a Mac build! Be sure to check the Download Instructions to get it to open. Let me know if it works!

Oh heck yeah!  Will do

Just bought it and downloading it right now. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks a lot for the build. :)


Looks beautiful (+ frogs!!! :D ), but I've run into a issue a few minutes into playing (still chapter 1)

I've gotten up the hill to the left of the starting point to collect the leaf (using the crack that blows air) but I can't get down afterwards, even though I tried to use every item I had and click / move on everywhere I could think of. What am I missing?

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Sorry, that's a bug! I'm  making a new build at the moment, please hang on a second!

Edit: fixed this in v1.0!


Great, thanks!