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This was great I love it!

I loved playing this game, was a bit more difficult getting away from the blue fish than I first expected. I definitely went into it thinking it'd be easy. The game is fun and relaxing and I well worth the play. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good indie game.

i love dis game!  would be cool if there was a bigger world + multiplayer

 (and yes i locked myself up XD)

This is a beautiful recreation of Fishy? A game that had a simple concept but horrible flash graphics? You mad GENIUS.

In all seriousness, I lost countless hours to fishy and to see it reimagined in this way kind of blows my mind

I just got the plain sock tier on patreon, but I can't figure out how to access this and the sunset kingdom game. Does anyone know how?

You can login over at :)

thank you!!

I love how sokpop game have a simple art and cute animation for there game,i wish i can make game like they do, godss i!! i love it - well done guys

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Cute :)

For games like this, I think Up=Forward L/R=Turn is much more natural and precise than Up=Up L=Left R=Right.  I found myself very often going in not exactly the direction I wanted causing all of my losses.  It also makes more sense as a fish must always travel forwards.

really cool! i would definitely consider this a survival horror game, it's so scary! i wish smaller fish wouldn't swim so fast, and i wish it was easier to get away from the octopi, because that was a little frustrating. but otherwise i really really loved this.