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Will deer hunter 3 ever come out?


Diss uses a custom 3d engine, so what method you use to optimize rendering?

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I do backface culling, frustrum culling, distance culling (with level of detail), and most of the shapes are kept very simple. -Ruben


Hey this game looks awesome but just as a fair warning a mobile game is using footage from your game to advertise their own gam3

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Hello, i like so much this game but,

can you tell me how to switch items?.


Edit: i'm on windows 10.


You can scroll through your items with the mouse wheel, and drop items with right mouse button. Check the game description for more controls.

I saw this game on steam too, can you add steam key for this game ? Thanks !


This is a beautiful game that you can take at your own pace, with a great atmosphere and lovely aesthetics. 

I hate games that allow you a huge inventory with only a little satchel to show for it (e.g. red dead 2 or Skyrim), and I love how everything you pick up in this game is shown on your character. 

There's something very novel about your flask of water dangling from you hip as you move from spring to spring, the animations are incredibly endearing and this game made me subscribe to Sokpop's patreon which I recommend as every game they make is soaked in character and heart.

This is clearly a team with great skill, vision and heart and is what game developers should strive to be: very inspiring stuff.

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edit: anything that heeds warm memories of adventure time is cool with me


Don't put the final boss in the thumbnail you dingus


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wonderful game, but just one question, what's the difference between online play and solo mode?

Thank you! Solo mode cuts out the online part, so you won't be able to find other people's skeletons and items. It makes it a lot harder!

Good game. Their should be a save system and the skeleton has way to much hp

What engine was this made in?

game maker!

Very cool, did you use sprite stacking? or did you use Game Makers built in 3D functions?


it's a custom 3d engine i made in game maker! it doesn't use d3d

Very impressive man, well done

do you ever think of updating this further in the future? (more crafting, different mobs etc.)  :)

I have some cool ideas for what to add, but I probably won't do any big updates anytime soon.


Very good game!

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Is there anything left to do once you've killed the skeleton guy and placed the orb at the pyramid?

Edit: To finish the game, shoot the floating orb. (figured it out 3 minutes after my original comment. Haha)


So... there's no save and load feature? I thought I can save a game so I don't have to play for long time

The Art Style is nice

I love the art

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I just became a patron a few days ago and I'm really enjoying this one! Finally took down the skeleton, but I'm now wondering what to make of the orb. Once placed in the depression, it sounds like a crypt opens somewhere...


May I ask for pointers on how to defeat the skeleton?

rock in hole near pyramid = nope
arrows at skeleton heart = nope
arrows at skeleton head = nope
rocks at skeleton heart = can't throw that high

the 2nd one is correct. you will see the inside of the heart shrinking each time you hit it!


Thank you!

ur the best iwan

ur one of a kind here on youtube

Hi, on the bundle... Sadly I won't buy it, due to not having a feature that stops one from buying the same game twice. I have 6 of your games already, 5 of them were the latest ones due to me being a patron, last one I bought seperate. Did the math, if I were to buy the bundle WITHOUT those games, technically based on it I should get it for $51.8. Sorry for being picky, it's not your fault really. Mainly an issue I have with Itch, one that has bothered me before.

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We don’t offer discounts for things you already own at the moment, but we can turn your extra purchases into gifts so you can give them to others.

Tell me if you’re interested.

Looks wonderful, but wheen I play it on my Mac the camera keeps spinning, it seems like it's remembering the last mouse input but thats just a guess.

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Hi, so apparently Game Maker's function to lock the mouse position doesn't work on the newer versions of OSX (our machine is on High Sierra and it works there).

As a temporary fix, I've now uploaded a version (1.0.1) for Max OSX that uses drag controls to rotate the camera, and the space bar to use items. 

Will look into a better solution in the future, but at least it's playable now!

Thank you so much for this!

You're welcome - it's my job!