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dead run is an action-survival game where you travel around a post-apocalyptic version of Earth to find the source of a mysterious radio signal.

Drive around in a fully explorable version of Earth and collect supplies along the way. Is there anyone out there?


  • Scavenge for resources to stay alive and find the source of the radio signal
  • Spawn at a random location every time you play
  • Fully explorable version of Earth based on satellite data
  • Day-night cycle
  • Exploration mode where you don't have to worry about your health and hunger and just get to drive around
  • 1+ hour of gameplay

made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
GenreAction, Adventure, Role Playing


Get this game and 7 more for $18.00 USD
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dead run v1.0.4 (Windows) 172 MB
dead run v1.0.4 (macOS) 174 MB

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wait is this game 32x bits?


wow, so, the radio signal at the start of the game was coming from near my hometown lol! Had a lot of fun trying to navigate there (though the driving controls were frustrating) and then died of starvation shortly after reaching my home town :P


Stuck on loading screen, cant run it.  anybody know how to fix?

Downloaded the game, launched it on the itch app.  Just stays on a blank loading screen.  Does it have an extremely long load time or does it not work.  I have tried reinstalling, same thing.  Looks cool but cant play.

love the concept but gets samey and a bit buggy. leaving a town and re-entering resets the map allowing you to get infinite resources from a single town. a few trees spawned in the sky and saw a few cars falling from the sky.  I talked to a pilot, decided not to fly, started driving away, then teleported to a different city. 

i would like to be able to run the zombies over but they were always lying on the ground.  by the time i was assigned the mission of collecting soil samples i was a little tired of driving, i would have preferred being able to fly the plane myself to break up the monotony

Cool game!  Although, after finding the radio signal, and then going to the pilot, what am I supposed to do? I've being flying around to different parts of the US, but I don't know what to do!


can i play with controller ?


The ending was freaking hilarious

Cool idea! How do I spawn in not America?

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It seems like in 1.01 I can't craft the better antenna . Or I can craft it infinitely?

EDIT: I can craft it infinitely but it never becomes yellow.

There's bugs with spawning on the wrong end of the map when going to fast travel sometimes.

Not being able to delete saves is a problem.  Solution - delete Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\sokpop\deadrun from registry

EDIT2: despite all this, I was able to win in v.1.0.1 (and I'm sure it's possible in v1.0 as well)


Hi! Thanks for the report, just uploaded v1.0.2 that fixes that issue :)

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I have a little Problem, everytime i get in a vehicle and start do drive my Camera is somewhere else and flying around, also i can't look a round when I am on Foot.

What could be the Problem? I am using the Windows Edition.

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Hi! Thanks for the report, just uploaded a fix for your issue in v1.0.2 :)

This game is superb!  I really appreciate the lonesome atmosphere.

I'm not sure if its feasible, but I would like to ask if there could be a facility to add a waypoint or label to the map?  It would help backtracking when you hit a dead end.

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It's quite impossible to find the target though. is the question mark "dot" the location? the world map zoom level is too high. Do upgrades help with this?

EDIT: It is also impossible to find radio towers in other towns. Is there a trick or do they just not exist? - Also, the radio item doesn't do anything? Using it does nothing. Is it supposed to control music? Or do you have to use it near the radio signal? Or near radio towers (not found any except initial one)

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did you manage to find a solution? I did find the first target, but local map download didn't result in a map, so i starved :)
(steam version, is there a versionnumber?)

I think the target radio tower has the bug of not providing a map. other "house icon" towns' radio towers however do work. use those.

How do you get more scrap metal, or more gas? I never find more than the one of each at the start

if you go away from the garage and come back there seems to be more. Maybe other towns have garages as well.


Also also, the Mapbox Unity SDK is MIT licensed and posted on github.


You should be good to go for source release!

I’d also love to see this


Absolutely fantastic.

I hit a couple places where the map freaked out, like sealevel moved 50 meters up or down.

Also in Explore mode you still use gas but there's no gas gauge. :)