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A tamagotchi-like growing game 🌱

Take care of your little box while you're doing something else. Water plants, feed animals and hatch eggs.

Plays like a tamagotchi - have it open while doing other stuff!

Controls: arrow keys to move the hand, X/spacebar to click.

Note: to reposition the window, click and pull the diamond-shaped icon with the hand!

Remake of the 2014 original: clickbox.

made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
Tags2D, Cute, Idle, Pixel Art, Relaxing


Get this game and 7 more for $18.00 USD
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It's been almost five hours.

I don't know how to get the stick.
Please give me some advice.

The meteor stole my pencil and I am upset.

Haha, oh no! Luckily you can break the meteor though!

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How do you break the meteor? I have been trying many different things and I seem to be very stuck and unsure of what all everything can do :(
Oh also I should mention I got the game by purchasing it on Steam, so I'm not sure if there are some differences in the versions?

Try rubbing the cloud!

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Ah, got it! Thank you so much! 🧡

What do I do with the worms sticking out of the ground and sticks sticking out of the ground? I've seen pictures with them out of the ground but I can't figure that out either...


Is there any way to move the game to a secondary monitor? The click+drag using the diamond icon doesn't go across the monitor border and Win+Shift shortcuts don't work either.

No, there is not since the game tries to stay within the screen. The only way would be to make the other screen your primary one. Sorry!

Can't open on mac 10.15.4 ... :( ?

Just downloaded the zip and extracted and get this:

Hi! I'm trying to find a fix for this: Game Maker: Studio 2 exports are being flagged by OSX. There's a work-around, but it's quite technical: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216753558-Mac-app-damaged-when-downloaded-from-the-internet

Hope that helps - sorry we can't do more at this point!

cannot figure out how to break the meteor

slowly going crazy


It has something to do with the cloud!

What is the name of the drawing art of tomscape game? It has nothing to do with it, but I was very curious. I couldn't write there. You draw very beautifully, by the way, the drawings.

Any hints on how to get the little blue pill-shaped things?

Also, no idea what to do with the egg-like things (vases?) you can construct with the leavings of a fire.

The blue things are metal bars! Also, try baking the vases before you use them.

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I've tried baking them in so many ways.

Edit: Ah, just needed even more camp fire.

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Might need some hints on those metal bars, if that's possible without spoiling it for everyone else.

There was something wrong with the time it took to smelt them vs how long the campfire was lit - fixed that now in v1.2!

I've built everything up again, found a few things that I missed, but still no idea as to what I'd smelt into metal. Still a cool little game, though!

Will the little shadows ever have enough things?


Your games are really cool and always a surprise to check out! I especially enjoyed this one since i like idle games. :p 7/10. That's all the game related comment has to say. To be honest with myself, i don't have a job and my allowance only lets me get 1 of these games per month. and sometimes i wanna play these games, but usually cant afford them because i had spent it on a previous game. Its kind of sad. I had an idea that would never come into reality, which in itself is kind 'of sad but whatever. the idea would be like maybe releasing 1 free game/cheaper game every couple of months so you don't lose out on too much revenue, and people like me could see and check out more of your games. They wouldn't have to be of same quality as the $3+ ones. heck, i'd even settle for worse quality on the cheaper games, all just so i could experience more of your amazing games. But as i have said before, it would most likely never come into reality. That's all i have to say. Keep on keeping on!

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We probably won't be making free games, as we need to support ourselves. If you want though, you can check out some older, games I made for free here: rubna.itch.io

If you spend about $3 a month on our games anyways, it might be a good idea to sign up to our Patreon - you get 2 games for $3 instead of 1 that way. 

Hope you understand why we're asking money for the games. Thanks for playing and for the nice comment!

Is it supposed to save, or does it start over each time you quit? I had it running all afternoon (macOS 10.14.6), quit it so the sounds would stop while I did something else, and when I opened it again it had totally reset :( I just assumed it would save!

No, there's no save! It's meant to be played in sessions per day. Sorry for it not being very clear!

But will it remember my progress when I close the application?

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No progress is saved

For others who are slow like me, and on a Mac, drag the app to your Applications folder otherwise you will get a message that says unable to find game.

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UPDATE: I should have read the instructions! You're not supposed to click and drag things around directly. Use arrow keys to move the cursor, and x/spacebar to click. Move the window by using these controls to click the diamond and then move the arrow keys.

How exciting! Bought and downloaded for Mac. On 10.14.6, the window opens in the middle of the screen, plays sfx and seems to be running, but input isn't captured. I can't click on the clickbox! Also, when I drag the window, it snaps back to the middle of the screen immediately, which seems weird. Happy to test new versions or troubleshoot further. Thanks!


same issue on windows for me!

Me too! only I can't even drag the window. I cant wait until this is fixed cos I am so excited for this game!


Hey, I think this is by design? You control the cursor with the arrow keys and click with spacebar. If you move the cursor to the diamond in the upper left, click spacebar, you can drag the window where you want. It'd be great to have those controls in the description above!

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YOU'RE RIGHT THANK YOU i didnt even consider using the arrow controls! I can now move the window with the diamond in the top left too!! I just hope we can turn off always-on-top eventually cos I'd love to keep it running in the bg while I do work on my computer.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! It's by design ideed - I've added it to the description now.

The Mac version can't be made borderless like the Windows version, so I'll patch the OSX version later to allow players to also move the window with the mouse.

I guess I got excited and didn't even read the controls. Whoops! Thanks for helping this non-reading baby play the cute game good :]

It would be nice for the game to capture focus when you command+tab back to the app from another app. Right now I have to click it after switching back to it, which is not ideal!

Really enjoying having it sitting here and getting to see what happens. A cloud just showed up :)