- fixed accidentally picking a unit when sending a message
- fixed cursor beig unable to go past a certain height/width
- fixed weird black/white flashing
- fixed game getting stuck on loading when challenging someone when you don't have enough units
- fixed units not displaying the proper amount of hp when just created in the menu

- game now also shows unit info/stats when picking units
- unit info/stat window now shows team color in the window
- when it's the other player's turn there is now a small indication in the "their turn" sign of when they will resign by default in case they disconnect

- couldn't fix the bug where the game doesn't spawn all enemy units. if this happens, please press C+M and contact me in the sokpop discord or on twitter (@tijmentio)


Zoo Packs_v1.0.3(MacOSX).zip 41 MB
Jun 21, 2018
Zoo Packs_v1.0.3.zip 34 MB
Jun 21, 2018

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