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How did you achieve this art style?

The Game looks very nice. Is a Linux version planned?

This game looks quite amazing :) props for your team's work! It would mean a lot if you could consider adding ARM64 support for the Windows Version too  :)

It feels like a combination of Chatventures and Pocket Watch. I bought on Steam and played with my friend via Remote Play.

Great work!



May I ask what game engine you used to create the game?


SOKPOP usually uses Unity as far as I've seen so I would suspect that this is also in Unity


it's gamemaker


okay nice.

Thank you Zariel and Sokpop.

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Cool game! It was a lot of fun playing it with my friends, is there anywhere I can listen to the games music?


The music was done by @bbtombo and will be available soon on his Bandcamp, as well as on the Sokpop Spotify account!

Android soon?

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will this game be on ps4?

or is it already on ps4?


Putting games on the ps4 if expensive and hard, there probably won't be a ps4 version

Can I play co-op with friends online?

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Not online, but this will be possible in the Steam version (via Remote Play Together)! Your purchase will include a Steam key once the game releases on Steam.

Is the steam release planned to be somewhat soon or will it be far in the future ?

soon! somewhere coming weeks

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totally going to wishlist it as soon as it pops up

edit: it's on steam already ! nice

What game engine did you go with?


gamemaker i guess

I've been playing for hours and I'm still enjoying it. I usually get frustrated with rougelikes, but I really like this one. Plus the graphics are beautiful, especially how each world tile pops in individually when you get close enough. I'm super impressed with what you guys have made this month. Definitely recommend.

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Love the look of the graphics! Is that a median blur shader over-top to make it look like that?