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Absolutely loved this. Even had some fun time exploring out of bounds too!

Doesn't work to me in Mac Catalina :(

It works when I use the Itch App :)

Controller support?


Awesome! Realistic! Takes me back to that feeling of being hit by a car! Thank you for the Linux version. Best three bucks I've spent in a while.


Download demo?

Pretty fun, I think it would be nice to light riding noise, its just not super tactile right now. Also, if the world was prettier it'd be significantly nicer to play. Minor gripes, good base of a game.

Needs an alt control for skid and reverse. Without alt controls its almost impossible to play without a mouse. 

A really fun little game! Trying to weave through the traffic is surprisingly challenging. 

look nice, unfortunately there is no linux version. I'll try to use it with wine and report the results.

How did that work out for you ? I try it in wine but it's soo laggy I can't play it at all.

Is it possible to release linux version even without support ? I would even pay more to get it, and it's an unity app it should not be to hard to release a linux version.


Uploaded a Linux version! Let me know if it works :)


It looks really fun to play, but I have to pay and my Parent / Guardian will not allow me. So sad :(

Can you upload the source code for $10+ patrons? It doesn't seem to be in the normal location - still showing Frog Struggles and Doler.

sorry, will do that as soon as possible!

Deleted 4 years ago

This needs a save feature :D It's really well done !

Implemented! It's in skidlocked v1.0.1 :) desktop seems to think this isn't available for windows...?

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oops! should be fixed now!

oops! should be fixed now!

Thanks! :)