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Thank-you for the fix. I cannot work out how to dig. X/SPACE seems to do nothing. More instructions please.

Use mouse + left click to aim and dig :)

Seems fun, but would be great if WASD could be remapped for those of us who doesn't use the QWERTY layout.

add a language in your windows settings and then when you want to switch to a qwerty layout you just have to press the win button and space and BOOM qwerty

It's SUPER usefull

While this would work (although I'm using Linux so I can't do it like that), it's not really a solution. And while I might be able to simply remap my entire keyboard to QWERTY (which would mean that I have to switch back and forth if I use another program while playing), this might not be possible for everyone, e.g. the physically challenged community that would prefer non-conventional bindings.


Of course, I'm just saying a shortcut to go from qwerty to azerty is very usefull ^^ and it's a great way to bodge your way through a lot of game :)

OS Catalan 'The application “skelets_v1.0.1” can’t be opened'. I have placed it in its own folder as usual. I have 'Apple Store and identified developers' enabled in OSX security settings.

Should be fixed in skelets v1.0.1b :)

Definitely a unique take on the brawler. Love the level design and destructible terrain.