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Back to Skyrims Riften city, there is no other place better for some looting unaware citizens.
Man I can't stop saying I love the style of these games, I am learning so much playing your stuff.
Amazing thanks

I do not believe that top score...

The high scores server isn't up anymore, but for posterity, the original version of the game had a bug where one silver goblet in the inn could be stolen repeatedly, so an auto clicker could get $8 per click, making extremely high scores possible. This was patched, but the high score list was left unaltered. Personally, I had the second highest score, haha.


I really want to subscribe to SokPop but the lack of Linux support consistently breaks my heart.

Seems like they added a Linux version for this one.


Loving this so far, but on the linux version there are some large visual glitches in all corners of the screen.


The MacOS version has similar problems, it's just red in those 3 corners for me :(

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I can help you debug if you want <3


I get the same issue on MacOS


ahhh... looks very beautiful & stylish