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pls make it free

had the most rage time playing this awesome game, so i wanted to say thank you and share the recording i made!

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This reminds me of Nintendo's "Snowpack Park" for the Wii.

The sensitivity is too High/Fast, Is there anyway to lower your Sensitivity? :/

This is actually really enjoyable. 

wow ok :))


it crashes when i open it (im on mac)


hi! do you get any error messages?


I bought the game but I didn't get an email.


What kind of e-mail were you expecting?

QQ.I am Chinese.

I paid with paypal.But i only got the receipt.I try to send the mail again but failed.

I didn't have a registered itch account when I bought the game.Maybe that's the problem?

Conatct itch support

Hi, your game looks really interesting but would it be possible to offer a Demo for download so we could try the game before we buy it? Thanks in advance.

Regards, Stavros.




I can't play it it won't let me

hehe i like people who make just some more original games

this game looks cool


I want to play this game on VR</s></s></s></s></s></s></s></s>