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I made two houses for my llamas and they're so happy walking between them.

They cannot use the stuff placed on tables nor sit on the chairs but its ok.

As long as they're happy =)

error message says "Failed to load mono"





This is amazing i love it you guys did something amazing by making this. Maybe you could add a pause screen please?

I love this game!! I played it for 8 hours straight and built a bunch of little buildings and gardens for my llamas. This game soothes my soul thank you so much for making this game !!

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Really Nice Game.  Probaly been playing for 1 hour but it is really fun. Getting 8 llamas is hard e.e


Tried to open, says it's files used by operating system and by various programs and could damage your system. Confused on how else to open to play, everything says it's going to harm my computer.


Ok if you're having the same issue as me: after you download you have to click "llama villa" then click "Extract all" then you'll be able to play.

Now that I was able to: it was an enjoyable little game. Suggestions I have are a menu option? I didn't seem able to pause, save,  or exit the game. I had to turn off my computer to exit. Also once I got to 6 llamas, I was making way more money and having to sheer them faster then I could actually build. I would say the more expensive the llama, the longer until sheer time, but worth more money. Maybe that will add more of a balance.


I can't get it, but it looks AWESOME!!!!


i don't have money to buy, sorry


Really...Who doesnt have 3 bucks...


this game lhama is FABULOUS

Deleted 2 years ago

hi! what error message are you getting?

Deleted 2 years ago

i get "removed


As a llama appreciator, this looks absolutely lovely, but I am facing a small issue: the game seems to be running at max frames, and this overheats my laptop big time. Any limiter or vsync option you could implement?

Thank you, looking forward to playing it in the summer heat!


Awesome game! 

This is everything I wanted from The Sims! Building lovely houses and taking care of llamas. I like the simple idle-game-like loop here: make sure can take care of one llama well, shear it, buy another llama, build out your villa to support more llamas, shear them, rinse and repeat. There are quality-of-life features that would be nice (mood indicators for llamas, better discoverability for the wall-toggle, clearer indications of when a llama can't access something because it's inaccessible vs when there are llamas in the way, easier wall/floor building) and it would be lovely for more of the items interact with llamas somehow. Also I think some of the shop categories are getting cut off on smaller screens, so I couldn't access (for example) the couch. But overall I love seeing such a minimalist take on such an ambitious game, and I'm totally enraptured by it!

Liked this a lot! I think it needs a bit more polish, though. Especially for the UI. But, overall, very cute! Would recommend.


Hey, played some of this on my channel! It's adorable!