Version 1.1: Softlock Fixes & Spooky Wrong Warp

Hi gamers!

I just uploaded a version 1.1 fixing a couple of things. Thanks to everyone who reported something, and sorry if you had to quit because you ran into a problem!


  • Fixed a softlock where you were stuck in a looping ledge-grab animation
  • Fixed a wrong warp where you would fall into the void forever after going back from the keep
  • Added a menu option to "zone out", just in case you get stuck somehow
  • You can now also use W to jump (for AZERTY keyboards)

For those curious, this is what the wrong warp looked like...

Note: the OSX version will follow on monday. Edit: v1.1 now also on OSX!

Thanks for playing!

- rub


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Jan 25, 2020

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