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Is it normal that you see nothing but white and blue at first? I can't see anything else, as if there were something white that covers everything, it seems like a circle because I can see a bit of the landscape along the edges. I do not understand. :(

I'm playing on a macbook 2021.

No spoilers but that final part of the labyrinth... wow


controller support yess thank you <3 i play most of my games on a big tv


This is a really neat game. I had to restart once because I got stuck in an infinite fall. There's one point in the game where you can clip through a wall it makes a fantastic dress woosh noise. At another point, if you jump up towards a pillar, it flings you across the screen. Great stuff!

Thank you! Fixed the getting stuck bugs in v1.1.


Though it was fun, there are definitely some downsides

+ The graphics are interesting

+ The weird physics is fun to look at

+ There's a cool effect when you spin around

- There's plenty of falling down, the death/waking up animation takes a long time and it's really irritating when you've fallen more than a couple times.

- The controls aren't easy to use (especially since on my keyboard the action and jump keys are so far apart) though, as another pointed out, that might be because it was play tested with a controller

- The first controls aren't explained (it's x for actions, arrow keys for movement)

- The camera made it hard to jump around, and after I opened the door with the golden key it went vomit-inducing weird and I had to stop

Thanks for the feedback! Added the controls to the description. In the next update I'll add the W-key for jumping besides Z, along with some other tweaks and fixes!


i am sad that some game are not been played by Youtubers, but good game, hope the next one be a FPS pixelated game


pretty cool game!

it was a little frustrating to play on keyboard, I assume a large amount of play testing was done with a controller. I didn't try using one but I'd probably recommend it.

couple of protips for anyone else:

- if you fall off and get set back to a checkpoint, you can start moving by jumping right away

- don't jump to a ledge after you fall off a ledge by walking. you can get stuck in an infinite climb state and have to reset the game.

I'll have to come back and give this another play through to actually finish this without getting stuck soon!

gave this another go!

can definitely say it's way better on a controller. unfortunately I ran into another bug. if you get past the golden key door and grab the next iron/dark key, don't go back towards/through the gold key door, you will fall into nothingness and be left on a blank salmon/pink screen.

I think that's it for my attempts, interesting game and I'd recommend checking it out, but be wary of bugs :)

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Thanks for all the feedback! I'll try and fix the issues with the next update.

Edit: fixed this in v1.1!