v1.1 Bug-fixes and pause menu

Quick patch adding a pause menu, and fixing two crashes! Changelog:

  • Added pause menu where you can set the pixel size, toggle fullscreen, toggle vsync, and restart or quit the game
  • Fixed a crash when holding a stack of driftwood over a treasure chest containing more driftwood
  • Fixed a crash when releasing a cannonball that was already supplied to a ship once
  • You'll now keep the steel ship when you wash up or die
  • Scimitar won't break anymore
  • Different transitions for washing up and dying (to make the difference more clear)
  • Throwing barrels at skeletons now actually does damage
  • Kraken now has less hitpoints!

Thanks to the people who reported their crashes/bugs! Enjoy.


kraken's curse.exe 25 MB
Dec 10, 2018
kraken's curse.app.zip 28 MB
Dec 10, 2018

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Awesome! Thanks for the patch. :)