v1.2 - Minor Fixes + Steam Release!

Kochu's Dream is now also available on Steam! Check out the Steam page here.

  • If you're a patron, get your Steam key through sokpop.co/patreon
  • If you bought a copy on itch.io, claim your Steam key on the download page

Version 1.2 is also up and features some bug-fixes and tweaks. Changelog:

  • Fixed a crash on mac when quitting from the Game Over screen
  • Made plants wobble less when entering a new area
  • Added new versions of the "explore" theme to different areas
  • Added a new song to the bird area
  • Tweaked various NPC voice clips
  • Added and changed sounds to a lot of interactions

Thanks to bbtombo for going above and beyond making sure the game sounds good, even after release!

Thank you for playing!

- rub


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