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I'm sorry. I went too karen. Pls forgive me. I now have bought this game for $3 + extra $5. I have recorded the gameplay.

I bought the game & I making video for it


Pretty fun concept, especially co-op. Wish there were a bit more features as it gets boring after 30 mins. 


Fun lil game. Of course, it would be nice if it had some small quality of life features, like when the game ends, it shows a game over menu without having the player have to press esc, or have at least 1 or 2 other maps. All in all though, I get what the devs are doing on a whole, and this was a fun 15 minute experience. Worth the price of admission for sure :)


Saw this on twitter finally got to play it.


Thanks! Another great game! Would you be able to upload a Linux version?


Finally...!!! 1st place with 60 cars


Do you think you could make other maps?


My first game I downloaded here :-) It looks really cool so I could not resist. Unfortunately the driving behavior is not so great as it looks like :-( Sorry for this negative comment but I paid 3$ so its fair I guess ;-)




The game looks really cool! 

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Love it! One tiny little bug: it says '3th' instead of '3rd' :)


will this ever be released as free? 




probably for the best

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EDIT: I bought the game & I making video for it

Ugh, I don't like devs setting the comment rating with up/down vote. Let me be honest. People are fully comfortable disliking what they don't like.

For me, I won't. I hate people downing each other. We must be friendly! Do not allow any hates.

Feel free to dislike this if you want. I am fine if itch do not give any pekk. Just saying.

Afterall it seems nothing for this particular case.

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EDIT: I bought the game & I making video for it





I'm sorry If I rude

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EDIT: I bought the game & I making video for it

SHanpe: I can feel your anger of this guy's utterly disgusting expensivism behaviour. But we gotta know, we have no right to force him so. His right, is his right. You have Godot. You have Blender skills. clone it! set it $0 and Open Source and Full version.

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EDIT: I bought the game & I making video for it

Thanks, Shanpe. I know I would.


Dude, it's three goddamn dollars. It's not like he's selling it for the price of a AAA title. Nobody is going to spend hundreds of hours of their time recreating a game from scratch when they could just buy it for the price of a sandwich. Get over yourself.

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EDIT: I bought the game & I making video for it

I'll get over. We can learn Blender, Godot, and stuff.

Check out SuperTuxKart! Not a promo. Quite descent! But it's kart. And $0

All we need is the spring effect. There is the chasis, connected to seat with spring! Simple! Yet, he did not patent this car model so he cannot file anything if we realized it either in irl, or in our own game (a.k.a. Clone and ripoff). I may be wrong. If he has patent, he has to send me the link to it.

Oh, if not Godot, I can use Unity. There may be a spring GameObject somewhere.

I can learn how to replicate it until it works similarly. I don't care if it even takes long time, years, or so. We want to have it. So we make and share $0!

Yes, that Sandwich is paid a.k.a. expensive! I want it free! There is no choice to clone that sandwich, and share it for $0.

Man! All I disappointed is the price, if we try to compare with cheaper and worse or similar commonly found on Google Play. Either it is about PC Cafe racing games on Android, or just a basic racing games. People can download PC Cafe games with initial price of $0.

I.e. tbh, it's too damn high!

I don't mind if I have to pay billions for just a stupid hardware.

But this is software. And it does just that. 

Devs! Try, to compete with other developer. Publish this to Google Play, with ads, IAP, add something to it. Then I'll sit nicely. And also inital price $0 if necessary.

Sorry for being rude. But this time it's really weird business model. I suggest, this be price for as much as $1 or $0.99 or whatever. Or keep it like that. I'll play other stupid games and/or make clones.

I bought the game and recorded the gameplay. If you found something wrong, I apologize. I am human and could make mistake

your what we call a D-I-C-K stop being a fucking asshole 

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pls wait, I have bought for extra and made video

I am editing it

I bought the game and recorded the gameplay. If you found something wrong, I apologize. I am human and could make mistake

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EDIT: I bought the game & I making video for it

Mind if we ask you question?

Can you please slow it down? You sounds really rude. Do you have any explanation and reasons for your answer please?

You see, you cannot just explicitly express your answer without giving reason why.

You could have just say:

"I have life and I need to sustain my life and family" etc. Etc.

By default, your "No!" Answer appears that you idolize money than your God. I know this sounds funny, but in my opinion, you look's like that. So please be careful writing answer next time, or now. (Edit button)

haha I love the look of this

would a Linux version be possible? 🙏


Since they have to release a game every 2 weeks, I don't think they have nor time or resources necessary to carry out the task. 

If you really want to play this  (or any other sokpop game) on your system, I suggest you to install wine. 

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EDIT: I bought the game & I making video for it

That's succ. The game is Unity!

As long I have experienced, in Unity Build Setting, PC build profile consists of 3 Operating system: Windows exe, Mac, and Linux binary.

Switching those in the setting should be an Easy job. The only things matter is, the recompiling time and library available.

Usually, I assume all libraries are available to 3 of those, as well as the other build profile.

So saying No Linux version when it is Unity, means the dev is lazier than lazy, or refuse to see the potential. This behaviour, tbh, is disgusting. I.e. DISGUSTANG!!! (Meme on YouTube)

This is serious. Even many or some of the Linux game dev able to port from Linux to Windows, and yet, some games are not Unity, but pure C++ !!!

Yeah, seriously.

Looks very fascinating!