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This game looks beautiful!! Cogratulations!! For now i can't buy it but i love the aesthetics, and I'm interested in how you did it. Which lenguage did you use? I'm learing C++ and Python for game development and science. I hope you answer me. Greetings from Argentina.

Thank you! The game was made in Game Maker: Studio, but I encourage you to use any engine you want.

I love this game. Thanks for making it! Seems like a cross between pikmin and spore. Anyone know how to use the ship blaster on a keyboard? 

Howdy! I just wanted to ask if this game was 32 or 64 bit? 

Hi, i'm trying to get the square so I can get the blueprint off this planet but I cannot land on the platform it spawned on and it is too high up for me to jump up off the ground, please help :((((((((( 

keep exploring other planets!

Will that allow me to get the blueprint?

helloo. is there a way to still access the source code for helionaut? i would like to check if i still can before subscribing


highly reccomend. No Mans sky but it's cute and has better resource management. 6hr playtime

So I LOVE this game but two things I noticed. 1.) The extra oxygen tanks despawn whenever I reload my save. Not huge but a little annoying. 2.) The radio spawned on a planet that I landed on but I was quickly overpowered due to not having a lot of resources. I left to regroup but the marker went away and I couldn't find it again.

i was just wondering how you delete save files

On the file select screen, walk over to the computer terminal with WASD. Access it to delete the savefile!


This is definitely my favorite sokpop game so far!! The controls are tight, the progression feels awesome, and the difficulty is significant. I just beat my first enemy base, and it feels like a big accomplishment!! The attention to detail is so cool... I like that you can easily tell what kind of resource is on a planet before you land. And the visual style/how planets and asteroid belts look from a distance is SO PRETTY and nice! I didn't have anything to do today, so I may have played this for 5 hrs straight LOL... overall, helionaut has so much polish that I'm shocked it's $3. Really well done!! (ര̀ᴗര́)و 

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!


really loved this, but forgot to pick up the TV kit after beating the big robot and now I can't find the base again, since once you beat the robots the direction marker goes away. 

I guess my helionaut will just have to socialise with all the friendly freed robots from now on instead of spacing out in front of a screen. how unfortunate


freaking adorable

This is an amazing little game, I enjoyed every last second of it! But is there any way to restart your save file?

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In the file select screen, walk over to the computer (with WASD) and access the computer to delete your savefile.

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Thank you :D


you made this on gms:2, right? HOW?!?!??!?! it's beautiful, didn't know game maker had support for 3D models.

great game, i love it!


Thank you! The game doesn't actually use models, but draws everything with lines, circles and triangles instead using a sort of self-made 3d engine within game maker. Might do a tutorial/example of this technique in the future!


i would be pleased to see a tutorial! :^)

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please, pllleaseee do a tutorial. On that note, is there any way for a new patreon on joining to get the source code for an older game? I saw that at a certain level you get the source but I totally want to see how you did this game the most. I will drop as much money as needed to learn from a beauty like this 

edit: I joined up and the source code was on the page with the other two, I think because of the special until the end of the month? Either way I’m super happy I found your page and can support these games now!

hey is there a way to still access the source code for helionaut?


loved the game <3 thank you sokpop!

action number 1
of  Step Event2
for object obj_item:

object_is_ancestor argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
called from - gml_Script_is_object (line 1)
called from - gml_Object_obj_item_Step_2 (line 35)
called from - gml_Object_obj_tool_Step_2 (line 2)

Me and a Robot picked up a gun at the same time. Both our arms were holding onto the gun. When I shot him to death the game crashed and gave me this message.

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Thanks for the report, will fix this in the next patch! (Edit: should be fixed now)


Im trying to play on mac but theres and error telling me it was unable to find the game.

Move the game to another folder, such as the desktop. This usually fixes it!


omae wa mou shindeiru

I can't wait to purchase this on steam, very excited! It looks awesome.

is there a way to check if this game would be compatible with my windows vista? just asking before i buy it

Not really, but I'm pretty sure it will work as it was made with an old version of Game Maker. You can also wait for the Steam release, as you can refund the game on that platform pretty easily if it doesn't work!

youre right, i bought it and it works! i was taking a bit of a risk when buying it, but like, im just really happy to finally be playing this game

Good Morning! when will the game be released on steam? I love all the games of Sokpop! keep it up, guys!
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Soon! I'll post a devlog when it's out.

(Edit: it's out now!)


Ive had a lot of fun in the few hours I've sunk into this game! Well worth it :) The only issue I faced was when I respawned after dying on an astrobase and my ship spawned on top of terrain that I could not reach whatsoever, softlocking the game

This is a super fun game! I'm having some trouble switching items though - when I scroll the mouse, the menu spins really quickly and it's hard to select what I want. Is there another way to switch items?

Thank you! On keyboard there isn’t, the only way for now is with controller. I can add some other button in the next update.

Thank you for your reply - I'll try with a controller for now!

I bought this on impulse this morning and I do not regret it. Keep this up! One of the best Indie games I've played.


Great game thanks! BTW. how do you manage to make such a smooth 3D experience with Game Maker?! Is that a 2D game engine, but can also do 3D?

It is GameMaker game and it's mind-blowing that they got out such versatilty in 3D because in GM it's all hands-on handling 3D camera and I can't imagine how they did collisions. But I'll find it out from source I got on their Patreon.

Wow, you can get their source code?! I am so wander to look into that.

It's a Patreon tier on 10$. Dunno how long it will be available, because it seems they hold them for a month and that one is there for 34 days. I'd say if you want it now is the time.


Ty, I've been downloading it right now :)


Love this game! keep up the good work this is amazing :]


Sometimes a glitch happens wear beep sound gets faster and escalates with no reason and some times the heat wav effetc gets stuck on the screen and when reloading a save extra oxegen tank upgrades sometimes dissapear

Thanks for the report! Fixed the non-saving extra oxygen tanks for the next patch. Could you elaborate on the heat effect and the beeping sound as to when it happens exactly?

There is like a beep noise that escalates and keeps going despite all of my shield and health being at 100 percent and a heatwave effect gets permentley stuck on the screen. the escalating beep sometime breaks the radio.

Dont know when it started but opening and clsoing doesnt work


The dogfights are surprisingly exciting despite the cutesy aesthetic of the game :D


WOW!! You all did REALLY GOOD on this one!! This is the most fun Sokpop game I've played. The biggest difference is that the death sequence is fair and not discouraging anymore. In the other Sokpop games, dying meant a full game restart (most of the time). Also, all the different game mechanics are really great together.

Deleted 2 years ago

hi we haven't been able to fix our engine, we've smashed three crystals off, and our rock disappeared, cant seem to pick up the second rock, wondering if we've hit a glitch or a puzzle to solve?


oh, got it! not a glitch : )


Umm... can someone help me? I am very STUPID at this!

When i download any games from this website, it said Virus scan fail and Prohibited? I also STUPID at English


Hi, if your browser is blocking the download, you can click the little arrow and select "Keep". If it's Windows blocking you from opening the file, select "More Info" and then "Run anyway". Otherwise it's your anti-virus, which we can do little about. Hope that helped!


I think I have oopsed in the first few minutes, and put a rock and a drill under the crafting machine - now I can't pick them up again. Is it possible to delete a save file at all so I can start again?

Yes: on the file select screen, walk to the computer and access it to remove a savefile!


Brilliant - thanks! Loving this game!

How do you repair the tv? I've got the tv kit but can't figure out how to actually repair it. 


Yay thanks for update! All good now. Absolutely loved this experience!


Me: How many items can I carry?

Game: Crash

Me: Sad robot noises

Super great game btw! Way worth the 3 USD

Fixed this crash in version 1.3!

Wonderful and beautiful game!!!! It's a blast to play, though I do wish there was a way to look at the control scheme at any time (maybe there is and I'm a dork haha)

I feel like there's a way to shoot lasers from your ship, though I've completely forgotten how to...

You need to get the ship gun upgrade before you can do that! When you do get it it's just left mouse button

Hey! I really loved this game, but how do you 100% the save file? I've gotten all the upgrades, beaten all the bases and fixed the whole ship but it still says 82% completed. Is there something I've missed or is this a bug?

Also, I left my flag on one of the bases but the flag finder didn't point to it and now I lost it, I think this is bugged.

Otherwise great game! If anything I just wished there were some more optimization settings so it would run better on my laptop, but otherwise it's my favorite so far :)

Thank you!! The completion percent is still wrong - will fix it in the next patch! I’ll also look into the missing flag, and more optimizations are underway.

Thanks for playing!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks! There probably won’t be a Linux version, but people have gotten sokpop games to work on Linux with Wine or Proton. Might be worth a shot.

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Yay!  Helionaut actually worked for me on Linux after a fair bit of fiddling.

I had to do a few things:

  1.  install d3dcompiler using winetricks (winetricks d3dcompiler)
  2. i ran it via lutris to apply the following settings:
  3. disable dxvk ("runner options" tab)
  4. enable windowed/virtual desktop (same tab)

With that, the game ran for me and was fun!  Until I lost my home planet. :/  Damn.  Now I got to find it again.

Thanks for Helionaut, it's really nice!

bravo on the incredible game sokpop! one of my new favourites


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Lovely game!

Posted a playthrough below: 

Thanks for the video! Seems like you missed the first marker to the hyperdrive :o but I'm glad you still had a good time !


with out a doubt, my favorite game by far from the sokpop collection and i cant wait to see what you guys put out in the next few years because of the evidential progress of complexity and game design that is shown throughout all of your newest titles including my new favorite helionaut - 10/10 :)

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