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i loved this game!

does anyone know what the moons do tho?

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I really like this game! its nice and simple. Only problem is.. I got caught whilst holding the hand of the first friend (the one closest to the boat), and when I respawned, they were like 10 feet in the water.. which you can't go into. I've gotten all of the other friends to the boat, except that one. do you think there is anyway to fix this without losing my progress?


Short & sweet, really nice game!! The atmosphere is on point, the visual style is pretty while the objects are still clear & easily readable. Controls feel good. I appreciated how the wind-rushing sound got louder when sprinting and quieter when crouching... such attention to detail ;w; Now what if these stealth mechanics were paired with the fight mechanics from Brume... 😳 


i wish there was a demo

i really like the art in this


would love to see a linux version!

Great work! Really enjoyed it.

Posted a full playthrough here: 

ik ben gered!


The game crashes when I press "Q" to quit. Great game though! Love the art style and the stealth system!