update v1.2.0

featherfall v1.2.0 changelog

- fixed clipping through colliders when going fast
- fixed enemies sometimes disappearing and suddenly appearing
- fixed save files showing empty file when there is a saved file
- fixed "play" option in menu becoming black appearing like it's not an option
- fixed some other stuff with save file data showing the wrong data
- fixed not being to upgrade stats with A while using a controller
- fixed dashing while not pressing A/B/L3 with controller
- fixed jagged dagger duplication bug (will also remove duplicates for those who encountered the bug)
- fixed area not changing to aerie when you die in a different area and spawning at the first nest

changes and balancing
- increased small brick collider height so you can't jump over them anymore
- nerfed elven blade charge attack damage from 30 -> 15
- nerfed soldier sword charge attack damage from 35 -> 25
- nerfed aerens blade 3rd combo damage from from 30 -> 25
- nerfed aerens blade charge attack damage from 50 -> 40
- nerfed jagged daggers 3rd combo damage from from 30 -> 20
- nerfed jagged daggers charge attack damage from 35 -> 25
- buffed Man Oo max hp from 1500 -> 1800


featherfall_v1.2.exe.zip 68 MB
Feb 14, 2019

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