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Did this get an update? It popped up for me, but now says unavailable.

Only available for Sokpop Patrons. Become a patron in June and get Digital Bird Playground as a free bonus game! Find out more information here.

Digital Bird Playground is a local-multiplayer sandbox game made in 2016. 

The game is set in a sunny playground in which players can play football, perform wheelies on bicycles, and throw frogs and worms at each other.

There are no set goals, players can define and break their own rules.

do you get all the old games too if you become a patron? 

& , will this game become available for $ later for non patrons to purchase? 

No, you will only get the last 2 released games and every game released after you became patron. Digital Bird Playground will not be available for purchase


i gotta say that seems more then fair... but it seems a damn shame to keep this game hidden from the world after june! i guess i better sign up and consider myself lucky 

What tier to get it?