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I love this game a lot, it's addictive, fast paced, and skill based. I got instantly hooked after playing for just a couple of minutes! I feel like this could be a game nearly to the level of something like Rocket League! If it had a little more content and some form of multiplayer, it probably could've blown up!

such a good game, instantly hooked. dodge is a great function to play with and the teammates are such a good mechanic.

Bug:  Altering the sensitivity settings in the menu permanently makes me unable to turn left or right in the game.  The F10 then R reset doesn't fix it, nor does reinstalling the game (even if uninstalling it completely first)

Any idea how I can fix this?


On Windows you could go into regedit, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\sokpop\clutchball and then delete all the keys there! That should work :)

ah yeah!! fantastic game. it has an intensity. feels really good to play! nice work.

Hey there! Quick questions out of curiosity: what engine do you use to create 3D games like these and do you use a different engine for 2D games? And what programs are involved in creating the 3D art and animation? Thanks in advance! :)

just from playing their games, the 3D games like this one start with the Unity splash screen and the 2D games start with the Gamemaker splash screen. So Unity and Gamemaker Studio.  As for 3D art and animation I don't know what tools they use, but I can recommend Blender

Thanks! :)

great game, very fun to play. Great job!


Doesn't work here. Very fast and everyone's arms get stretch out. Nothing like the GIF displayed.

Are you on OS X or on Windows?

Windows 10

Works if I lower the resolution. So it might be the computer I am on. Will test on my non-work machine later.

I'll send you a video link

Here is the video

thanks for the report, will look into it today!

performance should be a lot better now! so that should probably fix it, check out v1.0.1!

Still can't play on max resolution but it is much better.

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its very good game - sraynoga's aproved

It looks amazing, great job!