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that was rather unnerving. thank you for this incredible experience. wow, wow, wow


Amazing art.

Just stunned


MAN, I would love to play this on switch!!! so sick

steam key? (i'd like to play the slightly expanded version...)


Did you guys also make FeatherFall? 


did you even look at their games page



i stole the ring?im a bad guy:D

The artstyle is amazing!
Had to buy it just for that :P

The game looked interesting so I gave it a go and got nut whacked by some bugs.. 


top tier

Deleted 1 year ago

This is why I love the internet


any chance of key rebind? we aren't all right handed gamers


Hey, I've been playing the game for 10 minutes or so, and I don't know how to collect blood points to spend on upgrades. What do I do?

press f near blood

Very cool little game. Love the graphics, especially the fact that the fog is so thick. Really makes me want to explore further. One thing, though: the graphics are a bit glitchy. The window size keeps changing one huge pixel on both left and right, and the numbers for blood are sometimes garbled. Kinda flickering, which is why I had to take a break from playing just now (a little motion sickness) but otherwise this is two thumbs up!

Cool little game, not very deep but simple and aesthetically pleasing.  Took around 30 minutes for me to finish.  I think it was $3 well spent.  I've definitely spent more money on a lot worse.

Deleted 229 days ago

He was dead before I got there!  I swear officer!

How the heck do you actually exit the game?

Alt + F4

There's a lot of points where I take damage upon attacking, even if the enemy doesn't have an attack animation -- thus leading to a trading of blows. Is this a bug, or intentional?

Charged me twice but telling me my payment couldn't be taken due to issue with me not having a ZIP Code because I live in Canada. 

Payment won't accept a Canadian Postal Code.

Gzus, it was WAY harder than i thought


Pixel graphics look great, but could we get some actual in-game images so we can see what the basic gameplay might be like?


I agree. There is no doubt that the game looks intriguing, but a some description of the gameplay and even yet maybe a short gameplay trailer is crucial if you want people to buy it.


here you go 


ÁH! So it's like that. Cool, thanks. :D