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I'm trying to play your game, but my antivirus keeps flagging it as malware. It stops the executable from downloading or starting, for both the itch version and steam version.
I think it has to do with Wextract or something?


Ahh, I wish I could get this but I don’t have a bank account ._.


really creative!

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Love it. Is the soundtrack on spotify? The music is awesome 😎


I had a blast with this game and I absolutely do not know what to do with the humans haha! Great job!


To Poor To Buy This But It Looks Awesome! :)


Hey, I don't mind gifting you a copy if you like?

Thanks That's Really Nice :) But Im Ok! Still Thanks Though :)   


Ok cool :)

can I have a free one?

Sure, I can gift it you via itch. What's your email address?


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Fun game, but hard to master. Lots of strategies involved but I'm too smooth-brained for this lol

release for mac???


next week!


will it be 64 bit? i'm on catalina

yes, it's up


I really love this game! It's kind of addicting. I even wrote a review in German about it. Here's the link, if you want to read it. bloks is a very lovely and wonderful game, thank you for making ist <3