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OMG, this would be so amazing on android


The OSX version is damaged and cannot be opened for me. I'm using M1 mac. 


works great on WINE for Linux.


Is this coming to Steam?

Sweet game!


One of my favourite Sokpop releases in a while.


Is it just me or the game is really hard 😅


it's just you; maybe skill up or something




Is it possible to change the screensize? It's tiny and looks very stretched on fullscreen on my 1440p monitor. 

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get a smaller screen rather than asking the devs to cater to your special needs

as andrew tate once said, the world doesn't owe you squat; you need to go earn what you think you are worth... in hindsight I don't think it was cobra tate who said that... anyways...


Wild. Don't be a dick to people for asking a simple question and quoting Andrew Tate just lets people know you need another man to tell YOU how to be one. Sad


Imagine missing the joke this hard


Imagine makin trash comments and then back peddling and callin them jokes. Wild


Imagine not noticing the posts were made by different users


Bug:  While stars earned on each level seem to be accurately recorded between sessions, record waves reached on each level is NOT preserved between sessions.


thanks for the report. will fix it!


I love how you've taken Zuma and turned it to 11!  All of these weird properties added to beasties from changing colors, turning invulnerable temporarily, to even teleporting to new positions, stuff can get really crazy!




no it's actually called omfg (but just leave out the "om" and everything will be fine)